Biologics and other specialised medicines have made a significant improvement in the management of chronic diseases like inflammatory arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and plaque psoriasis. ​

CATAG has joined NPS MedicineWise and eight other organisations representing pharmacists, specialists, consumers and research experts to form the Targeted Therapies Alliance (the Alliance). The Alliance provides stewardship and direction about the safe and wise use of biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) and other specialised medicines.

The Targeted Therapies Alliance has developed evidence-based resources to empower consumers, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, hospitals, and drug and therapeutics committees to make safe and wise therapeutic decisions about bDMARDs and other specialised medicines.

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The consortium also works closely with the key gastroenterology and dermatology organisations Gastroenterological Society of Australia, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia,  The Australasian College of Dermatologists and Psoriasis Australia.

ViP bDMARDs Stakeholder report: CATAG activities and recommendations

This report describes the results of a survey to gain an understanding of current formulary and individual patient use (IPU)/ individual patient approval (IPA) activities and QUM issues with regards to the use of biologicals and biosimilars in hospital and health services, which then informed the development of CATAG resources as part of the ViP bDMARDs program.

Other organisation resources

bDMARDs quick reference guide

This quick reference guide is designed to provide easy to access information on the PBS listed biologic and targeted synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (b/tsDMARDs) used in the treatment of dermatology, gastroenterology and rheumatology conditions.

Biologic Devices poster

This poster provides a visual reference of the number and types of biologic devices available (both reference products and biosimilars).

Understanding biological medicines, their biosimilars and the PBS

Resources and information to explain how biologics and their biosimilars are approved and funded for use in Australia, and how to talk to your patients about biosimilars.

An Australian living guideline for the pharmacological management of inflammatory arthritis

This living guideline presents the best available, current scientific evidence for pharmacological management of the most common forms of inflammatory arthritis (namely RA, PsA and axial SpA), including choice of DMARD, switching, combination therapy and down-titration of treatment.